Four Ideas for Your Upcoming Basement Remodel


Are you finally ready to tackle that big project in your basement? It has sat unfinished or out of style long enough. Now it’s time to get your creativity on and think of how you want to turn that large empty area of studs and concrete or those drab, tiring rooms into a beautiful, functional living space. You need to consider your budget constraints, but for the most part, the sky’s the limit when it comes to basement remodeling.

Movie Time!

A home theater is ideal in a basement, where you can replicate a real movie house with its darkness and excellent sound. With raised floors and recessed lighting, you can create an amazing ambiance for watching your favorite flicks and shows. This remodel should include room for a projector and a large screen, not to mention a couple of recliners for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Time to Work Out

Have you found that you have little or no time for the gym anymore? Why not put one in your basement? You don’t need a ton of space for workout equipment such as bench press machines and free weights or kettle bells. Wood floors and even rubber mats are perfect for an exercise room.

Make an Apartment

A popular option for basement remodeling is to build a complete living space. Transform the area into a spot where your adult child or aging parents can shack up. Build a bedroom or two with a master bathroom. Include a full kitchen and a living room too.

A Place for the Kids

If you’ve got some little ones running around your place, it may be time to give them some more room to play. Think about turning the large basement into a spacious playroom. By including lots of shelving, you can organize toys and games. For older kids, make room for ping-pong, air hockey or other games.

Basement remodeling holds many possibilities. Try out some of these ideas when you’re ready for a change.