Ways To Prepare for A Home Addition


When deciding on which home additions you may want to do to your residence, there are some things you should do to prepare for the actual. These basics should not be overlooked, as skipping a step may set you back either time or money – or both. Here are four steps that will have you ready to get started.

Settle on a Budget

Home additions can be extravagant or simple, but all of them take money to accomplish. If you need a loan, visit with your bank and find out what options you may have to help pay for the project. A Home Equity Loan or second mortgagea is a good option. Don’t borrow more than you can afford and be aware that frequent, unexpected expenses happen.

Hire a Contractor

Once you have a budget to work with, you should hire the services of a professional contractor to come a look at your home and advise you as to additional wiring or plumbing that might be needed for your home additions as well as helping to make sure you are building everything to code.

Get Building Permits

Building on to an existing home is regulated by local building codes and your home additions must be approved, both for quality and to make sure your newly renovated home is adjusted for property taxes. You must present plans for your project to local authorities before beginning to make sure your project is approved.

Get Plans Approved

Having a professional draw up the plans for you will ensure that electrical, plumbing, windows and doors, awnings and easements are all up to code. It may look quite a bit different than the home additions you drew up on a napkin, but when the plans are complete, they should help avoid unnecessary hang-ups.


Following these basic steps and working with a professional contractor will ensure that you get the best quality work and most satisfactory results from your home additions.