What to expect during a Highmark Construction remodeling project.



Getting your project started right!

Thank you for your business. This job represents a very big investment on your part. We truly want this to be an enjoyable and successful experience for you.

Dust - Just about everything that we do will generate dust. Every effort will be made to contain the dust. 100% containment is impossible. Dust can get just about everywhere. We recommend you change your furnace filter often. We will cover anything and everything that you direct us to. Please let us know about any family heirlooms, or prized possessions with which we need to be “extra” careful.

Hours of Work - Typically 7:30 A.M. to 4:00P.M. Monday through Friday, unless other arrangement are made. The presence of a lead carpenter is dictated by the schedule and workload on your job.

• What is the morning routine in your household?

• If we show up early, may we come in?

• What time do you leave for work? What time do the kids go to school?

• Are there any weekly activities that will effect our schedule?

• What about holidays, vacations or special occasions?

This way we know that, if we show up a little early, we might be able to catch you before work or stay a few minutes late to discuss an issue.

Access - We prefer to keep a key in a lock box on an accessible door. This way the key does not leave the job, and if the lead carpenter happens to be away from the job, another Highmark Construction representative can meet subcontractors etc. This is usually the door through which everyone will enter and exit. Please let us know if you have an alarm system. May we have a key and use a lock box, or would you prefer another method of entry?

Restroom - A restroom should be designated to be available to the workers or, if preferred, a portable toilet will be set up at a suitable location established between Highmark Construction and the homeowner (this may result in an additional charge).

Clean up - It is our intention to leave your job in a “broom clean” condition at the end of each day.

Schedules - At project commencement you will be provided with a schedule which will track the progress of your job from start to finish.

Sub-contractors - These people are an important part of your job. They, like material, need to be scheduled well in advance. And, like material, they can be late. Since sub-contractors are not employees, we are not able to exercise as much control as we would like.

Delays - Expect a few delays. They come from many sources, all unexpected. Some are due to suppliers (the model you want is out of stock, or the truckers are on strike.) Other delays occur if, once walls are opened, a situation is exposed that causes plans to be redrawn, or something else torn out. Subcontractors provide another source of delay and the domino effect pops up (a delay on a previous job makes them late on yours.) We do everything we can to keep delays to a minimum.

Payments of Invoices - Invoices will be emailed and  or mailed,  payment is due upon receipt. You may mail in the payment, drop it by the office, or feel free to give it to the lead carpenter. Prompt payment is expected and appreciated as well as necessary to avoid any disruption in work.

Children - A construction site could pose various dangers to children. We ask that children not be allowed on the construction site, especially during work hours. If it is necessary for children to be either in or around work areas at any time, we ask that they be closely supervised.

Pets - Remodeling can be a trying experience on your pet. Many new faces will be coming and going. We will try to accommodate your pet as best as possible. Please inform us what to do if your pet “gets out” and any gates/doors that need to be kept closed.

Parking - A designated area for Highmark Construction and our subcontractors to park should accommodate both the homeowner and our workers. We would like you to let us know any specific concerns regarding your neighbors.

Preparing For Your Job
 - We will gladly move the larger items, i.e.: refrigerator, stove, etc. We ask that you clean out all cabinets and small items affected by the work, i.e.: wall hangings, knick-knacks, etc. Let us know where we can move the larger items and we will let you know which walls may be affected that you may not have considered.

Trash Disposal - We will either set a dumpster or establish a trash pile for regular pick-up by our own crew. A suitable location for trash (a dumpster) should be established.

Landscaping - During the normal course of construction, damage to the driveway, curbs, sidewalks, patios, adjoining plantings and sod may be beyond the control of the contractor. The contractor is not responsible for this damage, but will make every effort to avoid or minimize such damage.

Communication - On most jobs we will have a “project manager” that will run the day to day aspect of your job. Jobs run smoothest when all communications are funneled through them, including conversations regarding a subcontractor. Subcontractors take instructions best from the project manager, and it keeps information in the proper channel. The written word will have preference over the spoken word. To ensure your satisfaction, please put all changes and variations in writing. Communication may be in the form of email, which is convenient to the customer and Highmark Construction particularly for time sensitive issues. Doug Martin is always available to discuss any part of your job.

Material Storage - An area, usually one side of the garage, should be selected to store salvaged and newly delivered materials.

Conduct - All workers on your job have been asked to keep their shirts on at all times; not to smoke inside; to properly dispose of their cigarettes in a designated can outside; to play their radios at a low volume; and to clean up after themselves. Please advise Doug Martin if any of these rules are not followed.

Change Orders - Change orders will be priced and presented for approval prior to commencement of additional work. Any deviation from the contract should be addressed immediately to avoid any misunderstandings and to help hold down cost. Please be advised that any change may interrupt the rhythm of the work and will result in a delay. Payment is due upon acceptance of change order.
Code Requirements – If code requires work that was not specified, i.e.: electrical, plumbing, etc., this work will be completed by means of a change order.

Moonlighting - is not allowed by our employees or subcontractors for our customers. Unauthorized work for our customers could result in a subcontractors relationship with Highmark Construction being terminated.

Yard Signs - We would like your permission to set one of our signs in your yard. The majority of our business comes from “word – of – mouth” advertising. This sign not only helps our company generate business, but it also gives your neighbors our phone number in case they have any problems or concerns regarding our activity in the neighborhood. The sign also serves as a marker for material deliveries and subcontractors.

Progress Meetings - At a point near the middle of the project, usually right before drywall starts, and at any other time you request, we would like to set up another meeting to review this checklist, the job schedule, and any other items of interest or concern.

Pictures - It is our intention to take pictures of each project prior to the start of the job and at its conclusion. If this practice is acceptable with you, we will take our “Before” pictures as soon as possible and upon completion of the project. With your permission, your pictures may show up on our web site. Your name and address will not appear in our marketing materials without your permission

Post Construction - During your job, normal and standard construction practices and techniques will be followed. These practices are based on all existing conditions being standard. However, not all current conditions will be normal.

Your soil is of varying strengths and moisture content. This may allow for your new addition to move and react differently than your existing house. These conditions can manifest themselves in cracks. Your addition may settle and crack.

The moisture content in your home can vary from a humidity level of 10% to 100%. This swing in moisture means that all the framing lumber, trim and hardwood floors will expand and contract. Drywall nails or screws may bulge out and new trim may separate – up to 1/4″ in some cases. The concrete installed on your job is likely to crack, chip, and/or pit. Salt placed by you or brought in on your car will cause the concrete to spall or scale. The concrete should be sealed by the customer after the concrete has cured (minimum of 28 days).

Damage during the normal course of construction to driveway, curbs, sidewalks, patios and adjoining plantings and sod may be beyond the control of the contractor. The contractor is not responsible for this damage, but will make every effort to avoid or minimize such damage.